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First impressions are frustratingly important when it comes to business deals. This can involve the layout of your website, the “Services” page, or even the size of the font that you use for your website. It all matters when you are connecting with other business people in your trade. As such, you need to make sure that you are making the best first impression possible so that your doors are wide open to all of the new business opportunities that may head your way.

While layout and design are very important in a website, something that needs to be mentioned is the professionalism of your photos. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and you need to make sure that your website photos are telling potential business partners and customers the right words to get the job done.

If you are working in the food and beverage wholesale industry, you will find that your photographs are worth a lot more than that, because the only for you to get people to see way your company is the best for the job, is through tantalizing photos that speak straight to the taste buds.

The process

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The photos that we provide are top quality, the product is put in the most attractive position and perfect light, a transparent background is used so that you can choose how you want the background to look afterwards. We take photos of products and do retouching, but we also take custom orders so that you never have to be creatively stifled by a selection of ones already online.

From the preparation stage, to the finished product that goes on the table, we can help create these high quality photos for you so that you can see just how much a high quality photo is worth. Using Pack Shot and our professional experience, we can help you get a huge leg up over the competition so that you are the one that others in the business flock to for their food and beverage needs. If you have never thought about how much a quality photo is worth, take a glance through our examples, and you will be welcomed into a brand new world of professionalism.

A lot of times, the food can speak for itself, so make sure that it gets the chance to do so with professional, customizable photos from Pack Shot.

Only product packshot

Product packshot with transparent or chosen background color

Custom product packshot. Smackway lets you and your business be as creative as you would like to


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