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Smackway is a platform that gathers various wholesale food and beverage suppliers from Europe into a single place. That makes an easy access for wholesale distributors and buyers to browse over an existing catalog of food producers and products. Therefore, it gives the possibility to create new contacts with any kind of wholesale food suppliers. The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and has a team in the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius. Moreover, since February 2017 Smackway has an office in Rome, Italy. This allows us to expand our network with a big diversity of various wholesale food suppliers from Italy.

The strength of Smackway company comes from:

  • Conductive location for company‚Äôs growth. Denmark is one of the leading countries that highly supports technology and innovative solution companies. As a two-sided marketplace, we are very well located.
  • Great market understanding.
  • A broad network of over 2000 wholesale food suppliers from various European countries.
  • Extensive wholesale food product categories, ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to frozen and canned products. As a result, we can find the perfect category of products for you.
  • Operative execution. We always follow the tech industry in order to equip the wholesale food industry with all the required tools.

Furthermore, European wholesale food suppliers have been joining the platform since March of 2016 and have enjoyed the innovative concept that Smackway team has built. Besides, food distributors quickly recognize some of the wholesale food suppliers after joining our platform and their customer base has experienced a successful growth.

Our targets are every single company that works within the food industry and play a role as food or beverage producers or suppliers and wholesale buyers. We also have an extremely valuable database of companies. If you are looking for any wholesale food suppliers, fill our product request form. Then we will get back to you to connect you with fitting suppliers based on your criteria.

The benefits

Moreover, by becoming a member of Smackway platform you will be able to operate using modern high-tech applications that our IT team has developed. By making a reasonable investment into our technology and platform development we can ensure that current and future users will be supported with innovative growth toolkits. Additionally, our platform increases the visibility of products portfolio of wholesale food suppliers within a digital world. As a result, it will help wholesale distributors to connect easier with various wholesale food suppliers as well as ensure production quality and fair price. We are always willing to be part of your company's success.

In case we have sparked your interest, you can reach out to us by sending a message via the contact form bellow. With the assistance of our team, we can provide you various wholesale food suppliers and their contacts by any request. Smackway is always willing to become a part of your company's growth.

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