The Syrup is Cooked from small young Pine Cones.

Rich caramel flavour of this 100% natural delicacy guarantees delight and bright emotions from the very first spoon.

The syrup can be used with all kinds of cheese.
Add it to your favorite beverages: tea, coffee, cocktails & milk. Use syrup as a topping for desserts, cake, ice cream & more.


Pine cone syrup is produced under highest production standards.

It is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Food Safety Management System GOST R ISO 22000- 2007 (ISO 22000:2005), including the principles of international quality management system HACCP.


The Unique woodsy honeyed syrup taste will immerse your mind into dense forest after heavy rain.
The place where the rising sun starts heating the air filled with freshness of Pine forest harmony.

Wonderful aroma of pine needles gives pleasant memories of coniferous forest brightness.


The Syrup is made from small young Pine Cones, boiling them down with sugar syrup. During this process caramel flavour of this natural delicacy is created, which guarantees delight and bright emotions from the very first spoon.

How to Use

  • It tastes great on all types of cheeses
  • Put it atop on gelato, panna cotta, crepes, yogurt, toasted pound cake slices, roasted fruit
  • Drizzle over grilled chicken, pork chops
  • Use as a sauce for chicken, turkey or duck
  • Enrich the taste of your coffee or tea
  • Add it to cocktails, whiskey, Martini or beer
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Category: Soft Drinks - Subcategory: Others

Packaging specifications

  • Package units: 8
  • Package weight: 6400.0g
  • Weight: 800.0g
  • Capacity: 700.0ml
  • Packaging: Glass Bottle
  • Shelf time: 730 days


  • pine cones
  • sugar
  • water


  • Still


  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Fair Trade
  • Free Trade

Orders and production

  • Moq: 8
  • Moq for private label: 100


  • Pallet type: EUR 1
  • Units per pallet: 480

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