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Pu’er tea is a unique fermented dark tea, mostly paired with oily Chinese food like Dim Sum. Some believe that Pu’er helps to wash the grease out of the system and aids digestion. However, Slimming Pu’er is only a name that reflects a state of mind. If you want to slim down, get in the swing, spin the hoop and start working out!

Ingredients: Pu-Erh Tea - Tea with a special fermentation, Marigold flower petals, Cornflower petals, Roman camomile.
Aroma: Earthy, woody, pleasantly smoky, with a hint of Marigold flower.
Flavour: Very mellow, full bodied, with a sweet and floral aftertaste.

Available in:
  • Tin Canister | 75g Loose Leaves
  • Sachet Box | 30g Sachet Box
  • Refill Pack | 75g Loose Leaves
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Category: Tea - Subcategory: Black


  • pu-erh tea - tea with a special fermentation
  • marigold flower petals
  • cornflower petals
  • roman camomile

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