Premium Organic Green Tea | Playful Pear

They say that happiness only exists when you can play together with a partner. We applied this philosophy when making this special blend by combining a joyful pair together – Himalayan green tea and Sencha. To ensure its uniqueness, we paired the pair with pear to create a more complex yet playful taste. It’s pear-fect!

Ingredients: Green Tea*(Sencha), Green Tea*(The Himalayas), Pear*, Pear Flavouring, Marigold Flowers*
Aroma: A crisp and blossomy bouquet with a lingering scent of ripe pears that’s fresh and delightfully playful.
Flavour: A burst of sweet and tartness that delight and enliven the senses.
Caffeine Level: 2/5

Available in:
  • Tin Canister | 75g Loose Leaves
  • Sachet Box | 30g Sachet Box
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Category: Tea - Subcategory: Green


  • green tea*(sencha)
  • green tea*(the himalayas)
  • pear*
  • pear flavouring
  • marigold flowers*


  • Organic

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