Premium Organic Herbal Tea | Kung Flu Fighter

We have a saying in Chinese: “Prevention is the best cure”. One of the reasons why we fall sick so easily these days is because we take too much medicine in many different forms. Making a change and letting mother nature boost your vitality is the best way to protect against nasty viruses from infecting you. Be a fighter and kiss the meds goodbye.

Ingredients: Apple Pieces*, Ginger*, Orange Peel*, Peppermint*, Sage Leaves*, Eucalyptus*, Elderflower*, Flavourings. *Certified Organic
Aroma: invigorating citrus scents infused with a touch of ginger and spice.
Flavour: Velvety and full-bodied enhanced by the revitalizing orange zest.
Caffeine Level: FREE

Available in:
  • Tin Canister | Loose Leaves
  • Sachet Box | 30g Sachet Box
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Category: Tea - Subcategory: Herbal


  • apple pieces*
  • ginger*
  • orange peel*
  • peppermint*
  • sage leaves*
  • eucalyptus*
  • elderflower*
  • flavourings


  • Organic

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