Makkaroni, semolina

For gaining the typical cavities of home-made macaroni pasta dough is wound round blades of grass until the noodles have attained their proper length & strength. With us the small pipe-shaped pasta has reached its perfect 3 cm length - ideal for all sauce dishes and casseroles. Small Pipes! -great sauce absorption due to cavity -perfect mixture of different sorts of Italian durum wheat -"al dente" quality -high amount of gluten -suited for cook & chill Due to their hollow form the organic Makkaroni, semolina by Byodo absorb sauces extra well. Not only children enjoy these pipe-shaped noodles along with classical tomato and cream sauces. Content: 5 kg Ingredients: DURUM WHEAT* *organically grown DE-EKO-013 / origin: Italian Agriculture
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Category: Pasta & Noodles - Subcategory: Pasta

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