Aceto balsamico di Modena IGP - Dorica 0,25 lt

8003407900029 - IT

The balsamic vinegar of Modena  PGI is wisely and for a long time matured in refined wood barrels that develop typical fragrances of an high quality product. Surprisingly fruited, the acidity is mixed with the precious woods barrels taste, this nectar is offered to the imagination of the balsamic vinegar real specialists.
The prestige line  Antica Acetaia del Duomo enriches itself of other precious bottles. This bottle is reserved to a balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP of a substantial density, indicated on grilled fish, on seafood and all salads or grilled vegetables.

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Category: Sauces, Dressings & Marinades

Packaging specifications

  • Package weight: 7200.0g
  • Capacity: 250.0ml


  • Units per transport box: 12
  • Transport boxes per pallet: 120
  • Pallet type: EUR 1

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