Vino Cotto - Aromatic Strawberry cooked wine 0,25 lt

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Vino cotto is an artisan product, heritage of the centenary traditional cuisine of the south of Italy. Renewed product in Abruzzo, Molise, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily. Vino cotto is used to make sweet dishes and to prepare cakes and patisseries. In ancient times, when cane sugar was expensive and rare, expecially in the inland zone of the south of Italy in order to make bitter-sweet taste, in the country-side there was the use to concentrate in a copper pot the sweetest juice present in the nature: grape must.
Vino cotto with its different differ flavor it is used as condiment over roasted meats(grilled and boiled). Few drops are enough to make rich all the courses, even the most common ones. During the summer season is particularly indicated with the minced ice to create delicious sorbets and on vanilla ice cream

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Category: Sauces, Dressings & Marinades

Packaging specifications

  • Package weight: 7200.0g
  • Capacity: 250.0ml


  • Units per transport box: 12

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