Tundra sprouted buckwheat MINI BARS with cinnamon


TUNDRA handmade mini-bars with cinnamon have spicier and richer taste which reveals a wide range of senses where cinnamon takes the main role

Sprouted buckwheat contains valuable proteins, carbohydrates. Add all other natural and highest quality components that make up a wonderful combination of flavor. You can enjoy it every day!

No added sugar | Gluten free | Vegan

Tundra bars contain:
• no milk and soy;
• no wheat and gluten;
• without sugar, sweeteners and preservatives.

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Category: Snacks - Subcategory: Nutrition Bars & Granola

Packaging specifications

  • Package weight: 150.0g
  • Weight: 150.0g


  • dates
  • raisins
  • sprouted buckwheat
  • cashews
  • almonds
  • coconut oil
  • cinnamon


  • Units per transport box: 16
  • Transport box weight: 2400g
  • Transport boxes per pallet: 70

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