Tomato powder (Cold Break, Hot Break, Organic)

InagroTM tomato powder is made from 100% tomatoes, grown by Agrofusion using Filtermat technology. The latest technologies allow us to achieve premium-quality dark red tomato powder without any anticaking agents.

Fine-grain tomato powder made from concentrated tomato products and dried on spray dryers. Concentrated tomato products used do not contain genetically modified organisms. The product is free from colors, flavours, preservatives, stabilizators, allergens.

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Category: Other

Packaging specifications

  • Package units: 1
  • Package weight: 1000.0g
  • Weight: 25000.0g
  • Shelf time: 730 days


  • tomatoes - 100.0 %

Orders and production

  • Moq: 1mt
  • Moq for private label: 1mt
  • Production capability: 3000mt
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