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Smackway is an Online Food Fair - the most efficient way to do food business.
This is the place where you can list your products for FREE as a supplier and be discovered by buyers.

As a buyer (distributor, retailer, wholesaler), here you can find your future suppliers by browsing extensive lists of products. We urge the suppliers to provide as much details regarding their products as possible, so you can find everything in one place - production, ingredients, packaging, logistics information and much more.

We aim to make the food business simple!

How it works

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    Suppliers List Their Products

    Showcasing your products on Smackway is as easy as it gets and is free. We know that behind every unique product there is a great and inspiring story. Therefore, we build our tools to allow you to tell your story and share every bit which makes your product stand out.

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    Buyers Discover Products

    Smackway wholesale product database is growing day by day. This is the place where buyers can easily find their next supplying partners. Just like a food fair, but much more efficient time-wise and cost-wise.

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    Buyers Get In Contact

    If a buyer is interested in a product, they can contact the food supplier with any questions they have, request product samples or easily place an order request online.

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Showcasing your products on Smackway is FREE and is as easy as it gets. Let your new partners find you online and not just in physical food fairs!

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This is the place you can easily find your next suppliers for FREE. Find all the products in one place.

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