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The wonderful mix of fertile soil, tropical weather and consistent rain has combined magnificently to bless Sri Lanka with emerald-greenTea plantations. Tea is one of Sri Lanka's top exports since the times when it was introduced to the island by the British. In fact, "Ceylon Tea" is global brand that is renowned as the finest Black Tea in the world. Ceylon Tea is always accompanied by the famous Lion logo that designates that the tea is grown and manufactured entirely in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Tea that is 100% grown and manufactured in Sri Lanka is known as "Pure Ceylon Tea". Pure Ceylon Tea has a distinct taste and unique character, taste and appearance that varies based on the region of the country it originates from.

Tarlton Teas gives you the finest and freshest Pure Ceylon Tea to give you a cup of tea with a difference. Our blends and assortments masterfully crafted to the highest international standards. We have over 100 unique blends for you to choose from, giving you a tea for every mood of every day. Topping it all off is our alluring packaging comes in a variety of forms such as tea bags, packets, paper cans, tins and glass jars.

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