Organic chocolate cake mix

for cake, muffins and brownies

Versatile and wonderfully chocolatey: this gluten-free organic chocolate cake mix allows you to conjure cakes, muffins and brownies, vegan if preferred. Instructions for various methods of preparation can be found on the rear of the product. If you would like something a bit different, refine the results with coffee, walnuts or chocolate chips.

raw cane sugar*, maize starch* 26%, wholemeal rice flour* 16%, dark chocolate bits 10% (raw cane sugar*, cocoa paste*, cocoa butter*, emulsifier: lecithin*), cocoa powder* 7,5%, raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate (baking soda), acidifier: monopotassium tartrate (cream of tartar), thickening agent: locust bean gum*, sea salt
*organically grown  
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Category: Breads & Bakery - Subcategory: Others

Packaging specifications

  • Weight: 400.0g
  • Packaging: Bag


  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Free

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