Grape seed flour

This flour made of cold pressed grape seeds plays an important role in modern nutrition, due to its health-preserving and renewing effect. It is a nutriment rich in bioactive substances and with a high antioxidant effect; therefore it is essential in health preservation. In certain cases (e.g. stress, sickness) the amount of free radicals increases and the body is no more able to produce enough antioxidants. The effect and amount of antioxidants also decreases in the old, sick body.
The grape skin flour is easy to digest and free from cholesterol. Due to its oil content, it protects against vascular calcification, strengthens the blood vessels and the walls of the capillaries, decreasing the risk of a thrombosis. It is a great source of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. The grape skin flour is especially useful as an ingredient in bread production due to its positive physiological effects. Because it helps the yeast work and is a great colorant, feel free to use it when making bread or other kinds of dough.

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