Atlantic Sea Salt, coarse

As "white gold" our Atlantic Sea Salt, coarse is harvested on the clean Atlantic shores - far away from any industry. The included minerals and trace elements as potassium, manganese, zinc, copper and calcium make this natural-state, clear salt so valuable. Bright & Pure! -coarse, 1 - 3 mm -in a natural state from the Atlantic -without flow enhancers -not iodized -contains important minerals and trace elements Byodo's Atlantic Sea Salt, coarse is ideally suited for filling salt mills due to its 1 - 3 mm grain size. For cooking and seasoning of fine dishes it can also be used unground in a most wonderful way - a must in every gourmet's kitchen. Content: 500 g Ingredients: Atlantic sea salt
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Category: Herbs & Spices - Subcategory: Salt & Salt Substitutes

Packaging specifications

  • Weight: 500.0g

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