Atlantic Sea Salt with Herbs

Selected organic herbs are gently mixed and added to the Atlantic sea salt. Its intensive green colour and excellent herbal taste makes our Atlantic Sea Salt with Herbs so unique. Intensively green! -natural herbal sea salt -from the Atlantic Ocean -finely grained and not iodized -without flow enhancers -available in 500 g refill pack and 125 g can Byodo Atlantic Sea Salt with Herbs is natural sea salt gained from the Atlantic Ocean and refined with herbs. It is produced without flow enhancers and contains important minerals and trace elements like potassium, manganese, zinc, copper and calcium. Content: 500 g / 125 g Ingredients: Atlantic sea salt basil* chervil* parsley* onions* dill* oregano* lovage* sunflower oil* garlic powder* pepper* ginger* nutmeg* *organically grown DE-EKO-013 / EU-/Non-EU-agriculture
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Category: Herbs & Spices - Subcategory: Salt & Salt Substitutes

Packaging specifications

  • Weight: 500.0g


  • Organic

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