Rape Seed Oil, extra mild

By nature rape seed oil contains more mono-unsaturated fatty acids than sunflower oil. Due to its high content of oil acid which is one of those mono-unsaturated fatty acids, the cholesterol level of the human body can be positively influenced.A true plus for the healthy gastronomic cuisine! Perfect for salads! -extra mild taste -from high-quality organic rape seeds -cold-pressing process, which is gentle on nutrients -gently deodorized -ideal for healthy cuisine beginners The extra mild organic rape seed oil is gently washed in water steam (deodorized) after the cold-pressing.Byodo organic Rape Seed Oil, extra mild can be universally applied and enriches all dishes so mildly that the Ingredients:' natural taste is emphasised but not affected. It is excellently suited for healthy cuisine beginners. Content: 5 l / 10 l Ingredients: 100% pure rape seed oil*, deodorized *organically grown DE-EKO-013 / EU-agriculture
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Category: Plant & Animal Oil

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