Vegan Mayo

Red & white french fries, but vegan, please - this is no longer a problem with our Vegan Mayo! Its special creaminess and its subtle flavor of fine, organic sunflower oil provide for unique mayonnaise enjoyment. VEGAN Highlight! -100% of finest organic Ingredients: -vegan mayonnaise taste sensation thanks to sunflower protein -wonderfully creamy -subtle flavor of organic sunflower oil -only 50% fat On its own Byodo's Vegan Mayo goes perfectly well with Veggie-Burgers and French fries. Quite easily you can produce vegan dips with it - delicious with vegetable raw foods, salad sauces, grilled vegetables and tofu.The versatile possibilities even enthuse non-vegans!Opened jars should be kept in the fridge. Content: 250 ml Ingredients: sunflower oil* water spirit vinegar* raw cane sugar* sunflower protein* sea salt DIJON MUSTARD* (water, spirit vinegar*, BROWN MUSTARD SEED*, sea salt) maize starch* guar gum powder* as thickening agent *organically grown DE-EKO-013 / EU-/Non-EU-agriculture Take ... for the potato:4-5 big potatoes ½ cup couscous ½ cup water ½ bunch of scallions Juice of 1 lemon 2 cloves of garlic ½ bunch of chives 6 black olives 4 dried tomatoes 6 tbsp. Byodo Olive Oil, extra virgin - mild2 tbsp. Byodo Tomato Concentrate in the tube 1 small chilli pepper Byodo Atlantic Sea Salt, fine Pepper for the dip:5 tbsp. Byodo Vegan Mayo 4 tbsp. soy yogurt 1 tbsp. lemon juice Fresh herbs as desired Byodo Atlantic Sea Salt with herbs Pepper FILLED BAKED POTATO WITH VEGAN MAYO DIP Preparation: potato:Put the couscous in a bowl and dash it with boiled water. Then leave it to draw. Mince the scallions, garlic, chives, dried tomatoes, chilli pepper and the olives. Add Byodo Olive Oil, lemon juice and Byodo Tomato Concentrate and mix everything with the couscous. Season with salt and pepper. Wash the potatoes, wrap them completely with kitchenfoil and cook them for 10-15 min. in the oven or on the grill, while repeatedly turning. Afterwards carefully open the kitchenfoil, cut the potatoes in the middle and open both halves a bit to fill in the couscous mixture. Close the potato again with the kitchenfoil and cook it for another 10-15 min. in the oven or on grill. Serve the potatoes in the kitchenfoil with our Vegan Mayo on top. dip:Mix all Ingredients: together and spread it over the fresh, hot baked potatoes.
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Category: Sauces, Dressings & Marinades

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  • Capacity: 250.0ml


  • Organic

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