Tomato Passata

Only the best parts of the tomato are used for our organic Tomato Passata. The freshly harvested and ripened tomatoes are peeled, pressed through a fine sieve and then filled into cans. smooth puree! -full tomato flavour -made from sun-ripened tomatoes -produced in Italy -made from peeled tomatoes -available in 2,55 kg-can and new as 10 kg bag in box Byodo organic Tomato Passata beautifully enriches sauces as well as meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Content: 2,55 kg / 10 kg Ingredients: peeled tomatoes*, sifted *organically grown DE-EKO-013 / origin: Italian Agriculture
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Category: Sauces, Dressings & Marinades

Packaging specifications

  • Weight: 2550.0g


  • Organic

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