Pepper Protein steak, seitan with a delicious subtle almond pepper sauce

Discover Bertyn’s seitan pepper steak, the ideal protein replacement to fry or grill. This organic pepper steak is prepared with spelt seitan according to traditional methods. With a delicious, subtle almond pepper sauce. Fry or grill on both sides for 5 minutes. Then add the sauce and you’re done! Or place the package in boiling water for 5 minutes. Straight away you will taste its delicious soft taste. Mouth-watering! And with a filet mignon texture. You can find Bertyn in the fresh food section at your local health store.

46% spelt flour*, 11% wholemeal Oberkulmer Rotkorn spelt flour*, tamari* (soy, water, sea salt, shochu* (rice*, fermented rice*, water aspergilus oryzae)), black pepper*, cayenne powder*, ginger* and bay leaves*, 43% almond-pepper sauce*: (water, lean almond flour*, extra virgin olive oil*), tamari* (soy beans*, water, sea salt, shochu* (rice*, fermented rice*, water, aspergilus oryzae)), spelt flour*, pepper mix* (white*/rose*/black* pepper, cayenne powder, nutmeg, coriander) and mustard* (water, mustard seed*, alcohol vinegar*,unrefined sea salt).
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Category: Food Ingredients

Packaging specifications

  • Weight: 350.0g
  • Packaging: Bag


  • Vegan

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