Wholemeal Penne, integrale

Beautifully thin and smoothly riffled our organic Wholemeal Penne, integrale tastes lovely with all kinds of sauces. Thanks to their riffles they soak up sauce brilliantly. Real €šAl dente' noodles -made of the whole grain of organic durum wheat -smoothly riffled with a diagonal cut -the perfect mixture of different sorts of Italian durum wheat -"al dente" quality -high content of gluten How about mixing Pasta Italiana Wholemeal Penne, integrale with Pasta Superiore Penne, semolina and what you will get is a special and delicious pasta party. Content: 500 g Ingredients: DURUM WHOLE-WHEAT* *organically grown DE-EKO-013 / origin: Italian Agriculture
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Category: Pasta & Noodles - Subcategory: Pasta

Packaging specifications

  • Weight: 500.0g


  • Organic

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