Pesto alla Genovese


Pesto alla Genovese is one of the most popular Italian sauces and originated in the late 19th century in Genoa. The traditional recipe includes seven ingredients focusing on high-quality basil. This is why we only use the best basil from coastal regions for our pesto. This excellent and intensely tasting basil is harvested while the leaves are still small. It is particularly flavourful due to the ideal conditions of the sun and ocean breeze. Apart from basil, our pesto is enriched with additional premium-quality ingredients - of course strictly according to the original recipe.


Basil (38%)*, extra vergine olive oil*, Pecorino Romano (11%), lemon juice*, garlic*, pine nuts*, sea salt and lots of love. *all from organic farming.

Our Pesto alla Genovese tastes best with

Our "Pesto Basilico Genovese" not only adds something special to any type of pasta but also to paninis, grilled vegetables or pizza.


We would advise thinning the pesto a little with water or olive oil before consumption. Or just use a trick that our mothers like to use in order to make a sauce lighter: just keep a little of the salted cooking-water and mix it, as well as the pesto and the pasta. This makes a meal just as tasty as in any restaurant.

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